I actively contribute to research on Computer Vision and (Deep) Machine Learning as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Machine Vision and Learning Group at LMU Munich. My interest in and passion for processing and analyzing visual data sparked during my studies in Mathematics and Scientifc Computing, which I fully dedicated to the areas of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Optimization. Since then I have been able to explore these areas further while pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Vision at the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI) - one of Germany’s biggest and prestigious institutes in this area. My work focuses on learning representations for and similarities between images, as well as analyzing human poses and their dynamics.

Aside from my research and teaching duties, I love to play Volleyball with my team and friends, hike and get lost in nature around the globe or just spend my time in cafes reading books and learning new things.

Research Interests

  • Representation Learning
  • Deep Similarity and Metric Learning
  • Unsupervised / Self-Supervised Learning
  • Human Behavior Analysis and Pose Understanding
  • Zero-shot learning and Out-of-Distribution Generalization


11/2021 Doctor of Science (Dr. rer. nat.) in Computer Science

  • HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Supervisor: Prof. Björn Ommer
  • Specialization: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

01/2017 IT Betriebswirt/Certified IT Management Specialist

  • FernUniversität Hagen, Germany
  • Specialization: IT Management, Investment and Risk Management

05/2014 Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in Scientific Computing

  • Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Specializations: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Optimization

03/2012 Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) in Mathematics

  • University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany
  • Minor: Software development and engineering
  • Award: Best graduation result in Mathematics of the class of 2012


11/2021 - present Postdoctoral Researcher [LMU Munich & Heidelberg University, Germany]

09/2014 - 10/2021 Research Assistant [HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany]

  • Computer Vision Group at the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI)
  • Lead and implementation of research projects
  • Head teaching assistant (Lectures: Deep Vision, Artificial intelligence, Introduction to Computer Science)
  • Programmer (Python, MATLAB)

10/2012 - 09/2013 Working student [Daimler Research, Sindelfingen, Germany]

  • Autonomous driving group lead by Dr. Uwe Franke
  • Programmer (C++, MATLAB)
  • Algorithm development for localization of stationary objects and lane identification in urban regions using occupancy grid mapping

09/2011 - 02/2012 Thesis student [Daimler Research, Sindelfingen, Germany]

  • Autonomous driving group lead by Dr. Uwe Franke
  • Programmer (C++, MATLAB)
  • Development of driving assistant for risk assessment and autonomous management of traffic circles
  • Thesis accepted for publication in Intelligent Vehicles (IV) 2012 Oral + Best Paper Award (Runner up)

04/2009 - 10/2009 Internship [Visenso GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany]

  • Programmer (C++)
  • Design and development of interactive learning modules for the Virtual Reality (VR) learning environment 'Cyber-Classroom'
  • Product presentation to clients and at expositions